We are a group of businessmen passionate about coffee, we provide excellent quality products.
We connect needs with answers between coffee growers and roasters.
We explore coffee-growing areas, we buy and sell the best coffee.


We work throughout the agricultural supply chain of green coffee for export, we innovate and apply high quality standards.
We are experts in coffee, together we solve the challenges and opportunities of the current market.
We apply humanitarian and environmental criteria, good quality practices and good manufacturing practices in all our processes.


We ensure that all commercial business procedures are fair, transparent and above all that our partners can increase their quality of life and business success.


People come first

As a team, we strive to create lasting connections, built on a foundation of kindness, integrity and transparency.
We are Abundia and we know that these relationships are where true success lies.

Our strategy is key

We are a team committed and driven by the search for something greater.

Our passion for coffee fuels our search for great ideas and solutions.

Our vision is precise

We are marketers and experts in green coffee exports.

We chart a path to success through the power of connection and authenticity.

Our mission is balanced

Our mission is to connect people with stories, origins and, in doing so, we weave a network of connections and commitment.

We know what our customers want, where the raw materials are and how to get to them.

Our commitment is consistent

We are committed to providing products that are truly exceptional, work that will be remembered and celebrated. We achieve this through rigorous and methodical planning.


We explore and source coffee of different types; from microlots to commercial quality.

Main origins

We work with producers and coffee cooperatives from 4 countries of origin.

Through our sustainability program we believe, support and invest in responsible coffee growing.

We have a coffee quality analysis laboratory.

Main destinations

ABUNDIA currently works with 4 destination countries.

We market, carry out transportation logistics and supply our customers with the best coffees.

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We provide excellent quality products.


ABUNDIA, as a world leader in the green coffee trade, has the knowledge to address the challenges that small and medium-sized coffee farmers experience in the coffee agro-chain.
We apply the certifications requested by our clients.

    Our sustainability strategy for the coffee agro-chain adopts a transversal approach based on the following:
  • Inclusive approach to women coffee farmers
  • Responsible traceability
  • Lasting alliances and partnerships
  • Support for coffee growers through the “ABUNDIA Schools” Initiative
  • We provide access to financing

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